Want to Live Cheaper, Enjoy Nature, and Experience Authentic Culture? Head to Galle, Sri Lanka!

Want to Live Cheaper, Enjoy Nature, and Experience Authentic Culture? Head to Galle, Sri Lanka!

Galle, Sri Lanka, is the perfect destination for younger travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers wanting to explore a new destination with the potential to live cheaply while experiencing the culture and natural beauty on offer. With the currency of Galle, Sri Lanka being the rupee, it makes living and working in the area an affordable option as it is relatively inexpensive compared to the US dollar.

The two most recommended dishes in Sri Lanka are Hoppers, a bowl-shaped pancake made from fermented rice batter, and Kottu, a dish made with flatbread, vegetables, eggs, and spices. Additionally, Sri Lanka’s climate is tropical, with temperatures that can be pretty hot, yet the coastlines are always pleasantly cool.

Galle’s colonial-era roots and port city feel still retain a considerable charm, with Galle Fort being one of the sites for any tourist or digital nomad. The south of Sri Lanka also offers beautiful beaches, with Unawatuna beach being one of the must-visit locations for a refreshing dip. Additionally, for a unique experience, Sri Lanka’s Ruhuna National Park near Tissamaharama is an excellent spot for camping and safari tours.

As Julien Uhlig, impact entrepreneur and digital nomad, says, “while still quiet, the country is stunningly beautiful; we did not connect with a Digital Nomad community on the Island, more laid-back retired people, but that can change as prices are moderate compared to Bali as long as you stay out of the resorts.”

The reputation of Sri Lanka continues to progress, with the country coming back from bankruptcy and being a safe place to be. Moreover, due to fewer tourists than usual, Sri Lanka’s prices are incredibly reasonable, so digital nomads and remote workers should take advantage of this unique opportunity before tourism begins to pick up again.

For anyone visiting the area, a trip to Tangalle beach is highly recommended for a serene beach experience, as well as the Mirissa whale and dolphin watching boat trip for an exciting excursion. Additionally, this is an excellent time for entrepreneurs hoping to get involved in Sri Lanka as the country continues to develop and grow.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Sri Lanka, be the change you wish to see in the world,” and now is the ideal time to get involved and be a part of the development of this beautiful country. This is the perfect opportunity to become a digital nomad in Sri Lanka, forming a community and taking advantage of the low prices to make the area your home base.