Julien Uhlig’s passion for remote Living – The Future Beyond the Tech Bubble

Julien Uhlig’s passion for remote Living – The Future Beyond the Tech Bubble

On average, people save close to 500 dollars per month working from home. A Study by Owl Research

“Remote Work does not necessarily mean working from home, moving to Bali five years ago, working from here. Leaving the expensive cities of Los Angeles and London has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. With new visa options, make it easier than ever.” Says Julien Uhlig, the CEO of EX Venture, currently raising funds on the Crowdfunding platform Wefunder. “We want entrepreneurs to build great solutions from our hub villages, inspiring people around them,” Julien adds.

Enduring Harvest’s Mission is to protect the dignity of the world’s most vulnerable communities by developing sustainable economic and agricultural solutions that provide a source of income.

LIV-LIFE is funded by EX Venture Inc. an SEC registered Investment Advisory focussing on Impact Investments in Developing Markets.

In Julien Uhlig’s words, “The global lifestyle is not just for backpackers anymore-there are so many jobs now that can be done anywhere! More countries see special visas as a way to attract a young, ambitious group of residents who are often very entrepreneurial. Building the next great company or app – I would do it from a place like Bali, stop wasting money on the astronomical cost of living in the Bay Area, and invest more towards building your business. You can raise money now from anywhere in the world-even your zip code can be virtual, which democratizes access to investment capital more than anything I have experienced in the last 20 years in impact and venture finance.”

Can you be a digital nomad?- Let us find out? We will be offering Seminars in the future answering questions like: Where is the best place to work remotely?

Being a Digital Nomad and Remote Living is not Just for Backpackers anymore.

Remote Work is not Just for Backpackers anymore.

“Working with Enduring Harvest, we empower the local community to grow healthier crops without pesticides, restore soil, and stop deforestation”, says Julien Uhlig, who has previously managed a food waste project for the German Ministry of economics in the United Kingdom.

“We need to provide a win-win situation for our expat community and the local population hosting us. That will be both environmental and social as well. Rural communities are vital to feeding the entire population and reducing our environmental impact, especially in countries with low per capita income,” says Sajad Zalzala M.D. representing Enduring Harvest, a US-based Non-for Profit. In Sajad’s words, “I connect strongly with the mission of LIV-LIFE, as I have been a remote worker for a long time- being in Telemedicine instead of working in a clinic has allowed me to spend a lot more time with my family.”

“Call me a dreamer, but we have experienced how a connected community of like-minded people enriches your life more than anything you can buy. Modern cities and life are not designed to make people live healthier, happier lives; you don’t need to live close to your office or factory anymore; that might be the most significant disruption in how we live since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Everyone competes for any resources, from schools to housing, driving up prices to a point where even two jobs are not enough to support a family anymore.” Jacopo Natali, a financial journalist from Italy, enjoys the nomad lifestyle in Canggu, Bali.

The LIV-LIFE Eco-Cabin Design for Canggu, Bali

LIV-LIFE is designing and building affordable designer homes in countries with spectacular beaches, making life global. Since residents of the LIV-LIFE communities already have income sources online, they have very different needs and interests from other communities.

Julien Uhlig has been a prominent clean technology entrepreneur for over a decade. His work has been featured in Forbes, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and over 20 Television programs worldwide.  “Raising funds on the Wefunder platform is an excellent match for us; combining maximum transparency and being SEC-registered builds trust with our investment base of 600-plus investors, mainly in the U.S.” says Julien Uhlig.