Julien Uhlig Featured in Forbes- How to raise funds for your start-up during a global pandemic!

Julien Uhlig Featured in Forbes- How to raise funds for your start-up during a global pandemic!


Raise Funds from Anywhere

Raising funds to compete in growth sectors such as the green economy has become a growing practice in an increasingly connected world. Find out more about EX Venture. This company is one of the main online investment platforms for projects in the environmental field. EX Venture connects companies that want to enter this sector with reputable potential investors.

Ex Venture has raised numerous funds in the 4 corners of the globe. The amounts raised or consolidated represent hundreds of millions of investment capital, in Europe, the UK and the US.

The emergence of Zero Carbon Inc. to meet the new challenges
To meet the new challenges of global warming and the need to find new ways to consume, Zero Carbon Inc. wants to offer innovative solutions. Zero Carbon Inc is a company specialized in the technology of waste to transform it into sustainable energy.

The company was developed by Julien Uhlig, a specialist in financial fundraising who is the CEO of Zero Carbon Inc. The company was developed in conjunction with the expertise of German engineer Michael Hofmeister.

It is the meeting of two worlds that did not necessarily mix in the past, namely the subtle and intelligent alliance between engineering and finance, in order to propose innovative solutions in the field of the green economy and to propose sources of financing.

How did the investment world move from Silicon Valley to Bali?
Through the appearance of Zero Carbon Inc in the city of Bali, the underlying trend shows that there are more and more entrepreneurs in this region of the world. It is a strong place for entrepreneurs in the digital field in search of a more attractive and less expensive living environment, unlike the major European and North American capitals.

Entrepreneurs in the field of investment and fundraising are increasingly looking at Bali. Investment projects in ocean agriculture, alternative proteins and biopolymers are flourishing in Bali. All this is possible because of the digitalization and the possibility to work online.

The investment world is now globalized, which means that anyone can raise money in the US from Bali. No need to be based in Silicon Valley or Europe. Companies like Zero Carbon Inc with entrepreneurs specialized in finance like Julien Uhlig, intend to make Bali the nerve center of investors around the world, with the idea of organizing an event with global reach from the city of Bali. The ultimate goal is to connect innovative startups in the green economy with investors.

The ambition would be to allow key investors around the world to meet in Bali to contribute to change the world, through the financing of projects in the green economy. Some innovative companies are already present in Bali, such as Renat Heuberger’s company Southpole.

Zero Carbon Inc. has different objectives to promote the green economy and appeal to influential investors around the world to promote different projects in the green economy.

The company proposes a revolutionary solution through the transformation of ocean waste and sewage sludge into energy. It is an innovative project that is part of the fight against global warming and environmental protection, which are important issues nowadays.

Zero Carbon Inc. is an excellent initiative because its scope is global and the company has strong backing and is funded by Ex Venture (a company that works together with the German government).

We now live in a globalized world where anyone, no matter where they are located, can communicate very easily with a potential investment partner on the other side of the globe. Bali can become the nerve center for investors in the green economy.

The alliance between digital, financial and green economy will be innovative and promising: incredible opportunities will take root.

Thanks to the alliance of these different universes that were not necessarily interconnected in the past, each investor through Zero Carbon, will be able to live in a city at the forefront of the new economy: zero waste, solar energy, investment opportunities in the green economy. Thus, enjoy a pleasant environment and invest in cutting-edge and innovative sectors.