Beyond the Classroom: EX Venture’s Internship Program in Bali at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel

Beyond the Classroom: EX Venture’s Internship Program in Bali at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel

In a world where practical skills often outweigh theoretical knowledge, traditional business school education sometimes falls short. This gap is especially apparent in rapidly evolving fields like entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. To bridge this educational divide, EX Venture, a Florida-based investment advisory firm, has launched an innovative internship program in Bali, hosted at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel. This program is designed to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge that aren't typically taught in business school curriculums.

Management Responsibility

The Need for Practical Learning Experiences

Business schools provide a foundational understanding of key concepts such as finance, operations, and marketing. However, they often lack in delivering practical, real-world skills and the agility needed to adapt in today’s fast-paced business environment. Critical thinking, problem-solving in real-time, and the ability to implement disruptive ideas are areas where graduates often find themselves wanting.

Moreover, as business becomes increasingly global and technologically driven, there is a growing need for skills in artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and sustainable business practices—subjects that are underrepresented in traditional business education.

Interns Presenting in Bali

EX Venture's Response: A Unique Internship in Bali

EX Venture has set up its internship program in Canggu, Bali, at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. This location not only offers a vibrant setting conducive to creativity and learning but also reflects the values at the heart of EX Venture’s educational philosophy.

Comprehensive Learning Opportunities

The program is comprehensive, offering insights into areas often glossed over in business schools:

- Entrepreneurial Mindset: Interns are encouraged to take risks, learn from failures, and drive innovations.

- Technology Integration: With a strong emphasis on AI and tech-driven business solutions, interns get to work on practical implementations of technology in business.

- Sustainability: Learning how to incorporate sustainable practices into business models is a key component of the curriculum.

- Global Business Awareness: Exposure to diverse cultures and business practices prepares interns for international careers.

Bali Interns Post Work Relaxation

Project-Based Learning

Interns at EX Venture are involved in real-world projects from day one. These projects span various industries and focus areas, including:

- Gemino in AI: Enhancing AI applications for real-world business problems.

- Live Life in Hospitality: Innovating in hospitality management and operations at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel.

- ZeroX: Developing sustainable waste-to-energy solutions.

These projects not only enhance learning but also have a tangible impact on communities and industries.

The Benefits of the Program

Participants in the EX Venture internship program benefit in numerous ways:

1. Hands-on Experience: Direct involvement in projects provides practical skills and a better understanding of business dynamics.

2. Professional Growth: The program offers networking opportunities, mentorship, and the development of marketable skills.

3. Cultural Exposure: Living and working in Bali offers a unique cultural experience, fostering personal growth and global awareness.

4. Career Advancement: The skills and experiences gained during the internship make participants highly competitive in the job market.

Who Should Apply?

The EX Venture internship program is ideal for students and recent graduates from business, AI, architecture, and hospitality backgrounds who are eager to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. Applicants should be ready to embrace challenges, innovate, and contribute to meaningful projects.

Apply Now

If you’re ready to take your education beyond the classroom and make a significant impact on the world, apply to EX Venture’s internship program in Bali. Hosted at Thrive, a LIV LIFE Hotel, this program promises not just to enhance your resume but to transform your approach to business and innovation. Applications are open for the upcoming session starting July 1st.

Join us in Bali and turn your learning into action. Apply today and start shaping your future in one of the most inspiring educational environments in the world!

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