Migración Colombia: A Complete Guide to the Digital Nomad Visa, Benefits, and Expat Life

Discover the ultimate guide to the Digital Nomad Visa, Benefits, and Expat Life in Colombia with Migración Colombia. From application process to lifestyle, learn all you need to know about becoming a digital nomad in this South American gem.

Is Wefunder the Best Way to Raise funds for your Startup? Julien Uhlig at The Funding

At "The Funding" event, a prominent television program for entrepreneurs in Indonesia, serial entrepreneur and mentor Julien Uhlig strongly recommended Wefunder as a viable alternative to traditional venture capital for startups. He emphasized the potential of equity crowdfunding platforms like Wefunder for not only raising immediate funds but also building a robust support network essential for a startup's growth.

Giving birth abroad: 3 things you should know

Curious about giving birth abroad as a non-married foreign couple? Read about Lorrayne Peri's experience giving birth in Bali, Indonesia, and the challenges she faced navigating the country's legal and cultural differences. Learn about the process and considerations for having a baby in a foreign country as an unmarried couple.

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